Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mindfulness: foundation for being present

People probably have heard plenty of advice about being clear and present, seizing the day, and being connected to the present moment. The question that usually follows is: how do I begin to do that?

If you think of all the habits and skills needed to live consistently in the clear and present, you can imagine a house. Of course, a house is made up of many different parts, but we can all agree that its foundation is a critical component; you want to build your house on something very solid. Following from that, an important part of the foundation for "living in the clear and present" would be mindfulness skills.

Mindfulness skills are meditative practices that you use while you're living your typical, daily lives: taking a walk, taking a shower, having something to eat, brushing your hair, walking or driving from one place to another, and so on. The great thing about mindfulness practice is that you don't have to dedicate any time or money to it; just apply the techniques to what you naturally do on any given day.

Here are some handouts that can help you to begin a mindfulness practice:

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